funeral plans

Making practical and financial arrangements in advance to protect relatives or friends from financial hardship can be very rewarding.

There are a number of funeral plan providers available, each with different payment options and levels of service. We are a Best Funeral Plans Research Member, meaning that we have access to a range of providers and are therefore able to take your instructions and recommend prices for you.

From having to choose a funeral director and deal with paperwork and organising the service, it's all taken care of by the Funeral Plan. Our staff will be there to help and support your family.


did you know?


  • Nationally, the costs of funerals have risen by more than 90% on average since 2004

  • In 2015, 61% of people were unsure on if their loved ones wanted to have been buried

  • The average funeral cost of flowers is £150,000 

benefits of a funeral plan:

  • Freeze Funeral Director's Costs

A funeral plan allows you to fix your funeral costs, as listed in the plan paperwork. As long as your chosen firm carries out your funeral and your requirements don't change, these costs are covered.


  • Pay in Full or  in Regular Installments

You will provided with the choice of how to cover the costs of a funeral. Whether you would prefer to pay in one lump sum or pay a fixed amount per month, you can choose a plan that suits you.


  • Help your family in the future

When a loved one dies, one of the first problems the family has to deal with is arranging the funeral. If you have ever been responsible for this, you will appreciate how difficult this time can be. Your thoughtfulness in making the arrangements ahead of schedule, by having a prepaid funeral plan in place, will make things so much easier for those you care for.


  • Expertise and Knowledge

Your funeral director will have local knowledge and expertise which can be helpful in planning the funeral itself, your family will have access to help. advice and a sympathetic. compassionate service.


  • Acceptance Regardless

You can be assured your prepaid funeral plan application will be accepted, without subjection to medical questionnaires and whatever your age.